About Bonaire

Entry/Exit Requirements

All Americans traveling by air outside of the United States are required to present a passport or other valid travel document to enter the United States.  Starting June 1, 2009, all travelers must present a Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant document such as a passport or a passport card for entry to the United States. As of January 8, 2007, all United States citizens are required to have a passport to return to the U.S.

The U.S. Consulate recommends traveling in the Netherlands Antilles with a valid U.S. passport to avoid delays or misunderstandings.  A lost or stolen passport is also easier to replace when outside the United States than other evidence of citizenship. Visitors to the Netherlands Antilles may be asked to show onward/return tickets or proof of sufficient funds for their stay. Length of stay is granted for two weeks and may be extended for 90 days by the head office of immigration. For further information, travelers may contact the Royal Netherlands Embassy, 4200 Linnean Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008, telephone (202) 244-5300, or the Dutch Consulate in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Houston or Miami. Visit the web site for the Embassy of the Netherlands (http://www.netherlands-embassy.org) for the most current visa information.

Other information regarding travel to Bonaire can be found at: http://www.infobonaire.com/entryrequirements.html

Airline Baggage Allowance & Baggage Loss

Please refer to your airline for luggage requirements.  Be aware that some airlines have fees for checked baggage.

Medical Seminars, Inc. cannot be responsible for loss of or damage to passenger’s personal belongings.  Baggage insurance and trip cancellation insurance are available through many insurance companies.

Cameras & Watches of Foreign Make

Please register these with US Customs at your local airport prior to departure to avoid paying duty on return to the US.  This is particularly important if these items are new.

Electric Current

Electric current at the DIVI FLAMINGO BEACH RESORT is 50 cycle, 110 volts (the same as in the US).

Dietary Requirements

Please advise in advance if you have any serious dietary restrictions such as gluten-free or diabetes so we can advise the kitchen.


The US Dollar is the official currency. Traveler’s checks and credit cards are widely accepted. Be sure to have your passport or positive ID when changing Traveler’s checks at banks.  Major credit cards are accepted in the hotels and in most stores however, many restaurants in Bonaire do NOT accept credit cards, so you will want to bring along cash or traveler’s checks.


Bonaire is very casual and you will be comfortable in lightweight sport clothes – shorts and T-shirts during the day.  For women, we suggest a few casual dresses if you wish.  Jackets and ties are NOT required for men; however, golf shirts with collars are suggested for dinner instead of T-shirts.  You’ll want a light sweater for evenings, several bathing suits, cover-ups to protect you from the sun, tennis shoes for beachcombing, suntan lotion, insect repellent and sunhat.  Because it is difficult to regulate the classroom so it is comfortable for everyone, we do suggest a lightweight sweater.


It is always recommended you leave expensive jewelry AT HOME so you do not have to worry about loss.  However, the resort has a safety deposit box at the Reception Desk

Travel Alarm Clock

Suggest you bring one along.


cheap neomercazole Diver’s Medical Insurance – This is recommended for ALL DIVERS.  You can check with your current insurance carrier, but an excellent and inexpensive choice of diver medical insurance is with the Diver’s Alert Network (DAN).  Please visit their website at www.diversalertnetwork.org or call 1-800-446-2671 or 1-919-684-2948.

pharmacy Quetiapine Trip Cancellation Insurance – This is RECOMMENDED.  Space at the hotel, in the diving program and in the seminar is reserved for you.  Should an emergency cause you to cancel at the last minute, trip cancellation insurance would be to your benefit for funds which cannot be refunded by the hotel, the diving operation or Medical Seminars, Inc.  You can research Travel/Trip Cancellation Insurance on the internet.  For DAN’s trip cancellation coverage details see their website at www.diversalertnetwork.org or call 1-800-446-2671 or 1-919-684-2948.