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Medical Seminars, Inc. has offered CME activities to improve the quality of health care delivery in undersea medicine for over 30 years.  Paul Sheffield, PhD is the CME program director for Medical Seminar’s CME activities.  Dr. Sheffield, has served as CME program advisor and frequently as course director on many Medical Seminars programs since 1989. Dr. Paul Sheffield is President of International ATMO, Inc. which is a provider of wound care and hyperbaric medicine management, consulting, and education services, founded in 1977.  The program coordinator for Medical Seminars is Suzanne Pack.  In addition to coordinating programs for Medical Seminars, Inc., Suzanne is the Manager of International ATMO’s Education Department and has been organizing CME activities since 1993.

With the ever-increasing popularity of recreational diving, there are greater demands on the medical community to provide medical clearance and to understand the needs of the injured diver.

Medical Seminars programs empower physicians to make informed recommendations on fitness-to-dive and to recognize and manage diving injuries.

Faculty members are experts in undersea medicine and have a personal interest in scuba diving. Academic programs meet the rigorous standards of the ACCME. Participant attendance in the classroom is required to receive AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(TM).

Destinations are dive-sites selected for their underwater beauty.   Even with your busy schedule, our activities provide an ideal opportunity to meet CME requirements and escape to a relaxing scuba diving destination.

Medical Seminars, Inc.
405 N. Saint Mary’s Street, Suite 720
San Antonio, Texas 78205
tel: 210.690.1005
fax: 210.223.4864