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Buy viagra online cheap uk, Why is sildenafil cheaper than viagra

Dave Wakely, FCEM(UK), FRCS(Eng), MBBS, BSc, Dip IMC, EDTC-II

Buy viagra online cheap uk, Why is sildenafil cheaper than viagra

King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in Bermuda


Dr Dave Wakely works at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in Bermuda where he is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and a Consultant in the Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Unit of the same hospital. He also does Diving Medicine consultancy work for the Bermuda Police, the Bermuda Government (Marine and Ports), and the commercial and recreational dive industries.

Dr Wakely received his initial bachelor’s degree in Immunology from the University of London in 1988, and went on to qualify from Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School (London) in 1992. His primary training was in General Surgery, and he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1996. He moved into Emergency Medicine with a specialist interest in Pre-hospital Care, completing higher specialist training as a Fellow of the College of Emergency Medicine (UK) in 2001.

Dr Wakely moved to Swaziland (Southern Africa) in 2002, where he ran the Surgical and Emergency Services at the Good Shepherd Hospital until Jan 2005, when he moved to his current position Bermuda.

As an avid diver, he has continued his diving education to become a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, working extensively with children. More recently he has combined his passion for diving with his career in Emergency Medicine, in 2010 he began working in the Hyperbaric Unit in Bermuda, and has since certified as a Level IIa / IIb Diving Medicine Physician with the European Diving Technology Committee (EDTC) and passed the board exams for the International Board of Undersea Medicine