Paul J. Sheffield, PhD

Paul J. Sheffield, PhD, CAsP, CHT-ADMIN, FASMA, FUHM

Paul J. Sheffield, PhD

Program Director


buy discount Seroquel online Paul J. Sheffield, PhD, CAsP, CHT is President, International ATMO, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas, which provides wound care and hyperbaric medicine management, consulting, and education services. His degrees include BS in Chemistry (Univ of Florida, 1962), MS and PhD in Physiology (Univ of Southern California, 1971, 1972). He is a Certified Aerospace Physiologist (CAsP); Certified Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT); Fellow, Aerospace Medical Association; Past Pres, Aerospace Physiology Society; Past Pres, Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society; Fellow, Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society; Chaired UHMS Education (CME) Comm (1994-2012); and CME Program Director for International ATMO and Medical Seminars, Inc. Dr. Sheffield began his career as a US Air Force Aerospace Physiologist, with primary responsibilities in aircrew training, research, and hyperbaric medicine. He received his initial training in Hyperbaric Medicine in 1965. He has served as Hospital Fire Marshall (1960s), Flying Safety Officer (1970s), Safety Monitor for USAF Hyperbaric Medicine Program (1970s-80s), Director of U-2/SR-71 Pressure Suit Depot (1980s), Chief Aerospace Physiologist for the Air Force (1990s), and educator for International ATMO, Inc (1980-2016) and Atlantis Safaris/Medical Seminars, Inc (1977-2016).

where to buy disulfiram in canada He wrote and produced the Air Force training film: “Plasma Bubbles and Decompression Sickness.” He was on the original team, with Dr. Jefferson C. Davis, that established the USAF Hyperbaric Center at Brooks Air Force Base, Texas in 1974. He was one of the originators of the use of tissue oximetry for wound assessment and patient selection for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He was Air Force Chief of Aerospace Physiology in Washington DC prior to his retirement in the grade of Colonel after 30 years of military service. He is one of the founders of International ATMO in 1977, became Director of Research and Education in 1992, and became President in 2000.

Dr Sheffield became Course Director and faculty member in US Air Force hyperbaric medicine courses in 1971. He took up recreational diving in 1977 when he began instructing in Medicine of Diving Courses. He also has about 1,000 hours of exposure in altitude chambers and hyperbaric chambers. Altitude exposures were above 70,000 ft altitude (pressure suit) and hyperbaric exposures were as deep as 200 fsw (air) and 225 fsw (heliox).

To date, he has been educating physicians, nurses, and technologists in hyperbaric medicine for over 50 years. In 1998 his ATMO Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training course became the first UHMS Designated Introductory Course in Hyperbaric Medicine and the curriculum became the model for all others approved by UHMS. He is a frequent international lecturer in hyperbaric physiology, safety, and diving medicine, with invited lectures in 21 countries [Australia, The Bahamas, Brazil, British West Indies, British Virgin Islands, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sweden, Thailand, Tobago, The Netherlands, and USA].

He has authored 140+ scientific publications in aerospace medicine and hyperbaric medicine and has chapters in 11 books. He has served as editor of two training manuals [USAF Physiological Training Manual (1972); USAF Compression Therapy Manual (1976)] and coeditor of three books [Wound Care Practice (Best Publ., 2004, 2007); Wound Care Certification Study Guide (Best Publ., 2011, 2016); Textbook of Chronic Wound Care (Best Publ., In press)].