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Buy real viagra online cheap, Get viagra las vegas

$750.00(US) per person

Standard Room

Standard Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
Non-Diver $1,125.00 / per occupant $1,735.00
Diver (6 dives) $1,510.00 / per occupant $2,101.00
Diver (11 dives) $1,550.00 / per occupant $2,142.00
One night (with breakfast) $148.00 / per occupant $234.00

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
Non-Diver $1,234.00 / per occupant $1,950.00
Diver (6 dives) $1,615.00 / per occupant $2,313.00
Diver (11 dives) $1,656.00 / per occupant $2,354.00
One night (no meals or dives) $162.00 / per occupant $265.00

Studio Room

Studio Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
Non-Diver $1,303.00 / per occupant $2,090.00
Diver (6 dives) $1,680.00 / per occupant $2,449.00
Diver (11 dives) $1,720.00 / per occupant $2,490.00
One night (no meals or dives) $172.00 / per occupant $285.00

Diving Only

You can purchase a dive package if you are staying off property or have a time-share at the Divi.  Please contact me for pricing.